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I Live in Ireland

Great! If you live in Ireland or have recently returned home, then you should be eligible to vote.

You need to be an Irish citizen, aged over 18 years old and you must have been ordinarily resident in the state from September 2017. If you meet this criteria, the next step is to check you are on the electoral register.

If you’re not on there, or have been removed, you can make an application to be included in a supplement to the Register on form RFA2. This will need to be witnessed at a Garda Station.

You can make this application at any time, but in order to be included in the supplement used at an election, your application must be received by your local authority at least 15 days before polling day (Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday are not counted as days for this purpose).


As well as ensuring you’re eligible to vote, you can also get involved in campaigning. There are a number of brilliant organisations fighting for reproductive rights in Ireland.

They’ll need help fundraising, organising campaigning material and doorstep canvassing when the time comes.

Find out more by visiting the websites of the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, the Repeal Project and the Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC).

If you’d prefer to join a branch of the Abortion Rights Campaign group then click here for a list of teams across Ireland. You can find groups who are members of the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment here


Donate to Together for Yes, the national civil society campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment from the Irish Constitution