In May 2015, Irish people living abroad got the boat home together from Holyhead to vote in the marriage equality referendum, singing their way across the Irish sea. There were welcome banners in Dublin airport for those who had flown in from around the world to cast their vote. And Twitter users at home and abroad shared their emotional responses using the #HomeToVote hashtag, as it chronicled so many epic journeys from Europe, the US, and even Australia.

We need to do that again.

Like Marriage Equality, repealing the 8th Amendment is about compassion and respect; this time for women, trans men and their reproductive rights.  Like Marriage Equality, repealing the 8th amendment is about creating a better, fairer Ireland for all. We need to capture the same passion this time around and bring home as many vote-eligible Irish people abroad as possible.



  • The referendum has been officially announced for Friday May 25th 2018.
  • If you’re eligible and willing to travel home to vote - book your journey ASAP before prices go up! 
  • Polling close at 10pm so please ensure you leave enough time to get to your polling station once you touch down in Ireland (and there could be queues!). 
  • Check out our list of international Repeal groups here. Get in touch with your local group and see if Irish-abroad near you are travelling home also. 
  • Spread the word to friends, family and online using the hashtags #HomeToVote and #repealthe8th. Gather all your pals who are also eligible to vote to take the journey with you – make a trip of it!
  • Click attending, share and invite your friends abroad to the #HometoVote Facebook event
  • If you're ineligible to vote but plan to travel home on March 25th, please use #Together4Yes (rather than #HometoVote) so people know you're making the journey in solidarity. 

Fly #HomeToVote

Get those flights booked so you can get to the polling station in time to cast your vote.

Flights from London to Dublin the day before the referendum are currently available for 30 euro. Book your flights here


We’re planning a group sail-and-rail journey from London on the day of the referendum.

We will be getting the 9.10am train from Euston on Friday May 25th and will arrive into Dublin Port at 17:25.

Please note we will be getting the 2.10pm IRISH FERRIES crossing, not Stena Line. Join us by booking your journey via Trainline here.

Email londonirisharc@gmail.com to let us know you're coming.